Addictions occur very frequently. People can be addicted to all sorts of products: sugar, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs,... In this article we want to give some tips for helping partner with addiction. In this article we focus on the more severe addictions such as alcohol and drugs.

Helping partner with addiction? Tip 1: Recognize your dynamics

Have you ever had to call up your partner's job to tell them that they could not come to work that day? Have you ever had to clean everything up because your partner got angry. Have you ever been the victim of physical violence? Different psychological theories say that people with an alcohol addiction construct a new balance in the relationship: that of the user and the accomplice. We often see that the partners of addicts make excuses for their partner, so that they can avoid punishments or negative consequences of their addiction. In some cases, the partner even starts supplying their partner with alcohol. Despite the addiction we thus consider there to be some form of balance caused by the addiction. Of course, this is not a healthy balance, because the relationship rests on giving from one side and taking from the other side. Despite this fact, breaking this balance can have serious consequences.

Helping partner with addiction? Tip 2: Find suitable help

This is easier said than done. It is not easy to help a partner who often is in denial to get rid of their addiction. Furthermore: what help is suitable? In some cases, if the addiction is not yet very deep and has not been present for very long, an intervention, conversations, and support from loved ones can help to get rid of an addiction. On the other hand, there are addictions which have been present for a long time and seem difficult to treat. In that case it can be useful to find professional help. Dealing with a stubborn addiction can take a lot of time. It thus is definitely okay to look for help!

Helping partner with addiction? Tip 3: Take the wellbeing-test!

The addiction of your partner of course can influence your mood and daily functioning, too. In the entire process of wanting to help your partner, you cannot forget yourself. Therefore you can always take the free wellbeing test here to check how you are doing yourself!