Burnout is of burning relevance!

Study on burnout in hospital staff, doctors, and nurses

A study on burnout in the hospital staff of the FPS revealed dramatic statistics!

Burnout in hospital doctors

Burnout is quite literally a burning problem among doctors, as is shown in the study which Minister Monica De Coninck called for, which shows the following shocking statistics:

  • 5,8% of hospital doctors in the study already had a burnout. On top of this,
  • 17,8% of hospital doctors are in the danger zone.

Burnout in nurses

  • 6.9% of nurses in the study has a burnout
  • 12,4% is in risk zone or danger zone for getting a burnout.

Burnout in hospital staff

The medical magazine, "De Specialist" published the results of the study done for Minister Monica De Coninck. The participants were 1198 doctors and 4635 nurses from 37 hospitals.

Online self-help program to combat burnout

15 Minutes 4 Me developed, managed by Paul Koeck, MD, an online self-help program against burnout in employees, aiming at both prevention and curing thereof. The program requires fifteen minutes of the participant's time per day, and can thus potentially help even a hospital doctor, or nurse.

How can employers help prevent burnout?

The hospital doctor, nurse, or employee signs up for the program and follows the daily fifteen minutes until their complaints improve and the risk of relapse is under control. At the end of the program, the participant receives the reimbursement certificate for the employer, on condition that they have followed the self-help program on a daily basis. This way, 15 Minutes 4 Me wants to ensure the employer that their investment is used in an effective way, and the hospital doctor or nurse has an incentive to effectively follow the program every day.

Burnout? Test to see if you are at risk for burnout

Take the free online self-test right away to see if you have burnout or if you are at risk.

Paul Koeck, MD