Are you a freelancer?

Searching for an internship, student, or flex job?
with a heart for helping people
Web Developer (Frontend + Backend)

Required core skills!!!

1. PHP + MySQL 'proven' PHP/MySQL experience + competence required!!!
2. Laravel (or similar frameworks experience)

Desired skills

3. Wordpress Gutenberg + WPML (multilingual in 6 languages)
4. Javascript + jQuery
5. HTML 5 + CSS 3 + Bootstrap (some Frontend work will be un-avoidable)
6. Google Analytics + Tag Manager + Webmastertools + Multichannel
7. E-mail campaigns setup in 'Mailster" for Wordpress + Amazon SES
8. Setup Tracking systems to measure KPI's
9. Mathematical thinking & Data Analysis
10. Affinity with an evolution towards AI

Proven previous programming experience + result-driven agile flexibility and competence are required because you will work both on frontend and backend.

Your Personal Skills

1. Goal-driven: Works independently towards bilaterally negotiated end goals without detailed instructions or guidance
3. Pro-active communicator
4. Project Self-Management skills to meet self-negotiated milestones: e.g.: Priority management, Time management, Effort estimation skills per task or sub-project, Setting + negotiating milestones in dialogue with the CEO and, Meeting your self-agreed milestones, Pro-actively negotiates resources needed with the CEO if needed, Self-steering, self-motivating, self-organizing while working remotely from home
5. Generalist who can work without a big team of specialists because, in a small promising Scale-up, you will do both Backend AND Frontend

Your Purpose:

Help our online project increase the amount of ‘lasting happy people’ after a stressful painful moment in their lives, turning distress into sustainable satisfaction:
1. free of mental health symptoms like depression, anxiety, burn-out, ….
2. While living satisfied with their ‘new lives’
3. With results lasting for at least a decade after benefiting our help.

Your Attitude

  1. Desire to help people
  2. Desire to create tools that help people live happier lives, stress-free
  3. Desiring to care for this project over a period of many years
  4. Ethical standards to deal with sensitive data

For Whom?

  • freelancer
  • student job (with previous experience: send URLs)
  • self-employed as a secondary occupation (teachers, IT professionals, ...)
  • contract-based 'individual' from anywhere in the virtual world online
  • Flexi-job
  • internship with the intention of prolonged for long-term collaboration
  • We do NOT offer full-time employment in this early startup stage of our project. ==> Please do NOT apply if you look for full-time employment in the near future. You are welcome to help us grow only if you legally fit into the above-mentioned categories or systems.

Desiring to contribute to a higher purpose: helping people live happily

Potential tasks or projects

You will be supervised to develop your skils step-by-step if certain competence-fields are still new to you.

You will learn to track every step in our project with your self-implemented tracking & A/B testing because you ALWAYS will adapt in an agile way to reach our results, driven by the feedback from your self-implemented tracking and result-measuring. We will help you develop this skill!

  • Improve UX + usability + customer experience of the full prospect + customer flow & funnel from prospect to cure client in ALL languages
  • Implement AI driven translation tools & processes to allow agile improvements in all 5 languages + quick A/B testing of new experiments
  • Tracking: Improve or develop more efficient A/B testing tools & processes to do faster and easier A/B testing on the prospect funnel (+ later on the participant flow)
  • Help improve conversion rates in every step of the funnel (using the new analytics tools you will develop yourself, or integrate under our supervision)
  • Writing easy visual tracking & Analytics Reporting tools + graphs in Laravel frame
    • For scientific statistical research
    • To improve & measure the quality of different program elements
    • To increase internal feedback to actual participants in the self-help
    • For supporting quantitative business and marketing decisions to grow the amount of ‘cured’ people per year
    • To prepare our project and database structure for future AI applications
  • co-develop transition towards a SaaS model
  • Write a new platform in the Laravel framework
  • Expand functions and plugins in the Laravel framework
  • Developing AI
  • Develop Mailster + Laravel complex e-mail campaign flows with several if/then loops and a multilingual translatable function.
  • Develop automatic video subtitling + translation system in our Laravel framework using API of existing AI platforms with this functionality.
  • .... followed by dozens of other challenging and interesting stages and applications we will co-create creatively together .....

How to Apply today?

1° Send your motivation and application CV only via our application form below, including:
1. your desired hourly fee
2. amount of hours you want to commit per week to this project during the academic school year + during school holidays
3. amount of years you ideally estimate joining our journey together
4. your specific level of experience per programming language
5. hyperlink to websites you created alone (not as part of a team)
6. hyperlink to your Linked-in, website and other social media
7. your working human language skills English, Dutch, French, Spanish, German, .....
8. Your academic studies with academic years + concrete school grades or results upon graduation (Clarify what studies you FINISHED with an official diploma!)
9. your special achievements
10. your letter of motivation
11. your CV
12. your Skype address for video interview if choosen

2° After your online pre-application, we will invite you by e-mail to e-mail us your full CV with a picture in PDF format + a sample PHP code you wrote 'alone' so that we can evaluate your PHP-coding.

3° the 3 best Quality to price applications will be invited for a video Skype interview.

We will only consider applications that answered ALL questions above literally because answering those questions in the same order will help us assess if you took the effort + are intelligent enough to read + follow + execute written instructions correctly.

This will be our primary pre-screening test because reading & executing instructions is a condition sine qua non!

We will only select the 3 best 'Quality to Hourly fee' applications who can read + execute instructions, for a Skype interview because being a social initiative our resources are not those of big multinational companies with a red-carpet policy. Our main goal is to help people.

We look for talent who want to make this world a better, happier place to live .... together with your talents and passion to improve our world!