Stress seems to be getting a bigger and bigger influence on our daily life. For example, there are more and more illnesses known which can be caused by stress. Burnout is an example of such a mental illness which can be caused by stress. Furthermore, stress can also influence physical illnesses, such as migraine. Stress is known as a risk factor of migraine. A free stress test can thus help you to discover to what extent stress influences your life. From the previous paragraph it namely becomes clear that it is useful to keep a healthy balance, both physically and mentally. This, of course, is not always easy.

Free stress test: the symptoms of stress?

It is thus useful to know when you experience too much stress. It can help you to prevent it from getting worse. To help you with this, we sum up alarm signals of stress. These symptoms are also tested by our free stress test.

  • Feeling of unrest
  • Psychological tension
  • Tension of muscles
  • Irritability
  • Being emotional
  • Feeling empty
  • Nervousness

The symptoms above can occur at different levels. Both the prevalence of the symptoms as well as their severity can indicate if your stress is harmful or not. Such things can be discovered at the hand of a free stress test.

Free stress test: the advantages?

As described already, it is useful to recognize stress in time. Stress can namely be the cause of both psychological and physical illnesses. Furthermore, stress can cause more deeply rooted problems. Depression and anxiety are only two examples thereof. You can thus, for example, start to feel depressed because of the amount of stress which you experience. Because of the reason above it is useful to take a free stress test, which gives you a general image. Our free stress test can do this for you! 15 Minutes 4 Me also developed an online self-help program, which makes use of this free stress test to measure your progress. The program guides you on a daily basis from home in reaching your goal. Would you like to experience less stress or get rid of a depression? Then you are welcome!