Nothing as difficult as finding time for yourself when you have a busy schedule. Yet, it is this 'me-time' which is crucial for a happy and healthy life. If you could use some help with this sometimes, then the online self-help program '' by Koeck, MD, might just be for you. The personalized computer program leads you to your goal by asking your useful questions and giving you exercises for fifteen minutes each day. You can follow your progress, and regularly receive a report which you can discuss with your doctor. is your daily guide in stress and burnout, as well as in depression, anxiety, or addiction, where the program can be of use, too. The program starts with 1 month of guidance, which you can renew as you wish, costing 55 euros per month. Research has shown that participants experience 50% less stress and are 40% happier after only 3 weeks. profiel-partena-mijnkwartier Published in Profiel, nr 133. Partena Onafhankelijk Ziekenfonds