You are worrying when you keep thinking about the same thing for a long time without finding a solution. It can either be caused by mental issues such as depression, anxiety, and even stress, or can make it so that the symptoms accumulate until such disorders are formed. Worrying can be severely damaging for your mental wellbeing and thus plays a part in many mental disorders.

What are the symptoms of worrying?

When you worry, you are often mentally very tired. Because your mind keeps rummaging the same subject at the speed of light, it does not only exhaust your brain, but you also skip certain steps in the thinking process. Because your thoughts are going so fast, you cannot use logical reasoning in the solution phase, which makes you feel as though there is no solution for your problem. After a while, worrying can strengthen other symptoms of mental disorders. Because you have the feeling to have no power due to the lack of solutions, it can be so that you feel worthless and that you start to isolate yourself. Furthermore, it can trigger anxiety symptoms. Because you fixate on the fear for hyperventilation, tension of muscles,... simply anxiety symptoms in combination with the lack of solutions, you can start to suffer from a fear of fear. This way, worrying and fear of fear can cause anxiety symptoms after some time.

How do I treat worrying? What is suitable treatment against worrying?

Worrying can be treated on different levels. Furthermore, there are different methods and types of treatment which can help you to treat the worrying. One of the most effective solutions for worrying is working on the psychological aspect of it. Since worrying is linked to psychological disorders, working on these aspects of worrying can deal with its consequences and causes. 15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program, together with doctors and psychologists, which provides daily guidance from home in the treatment of worrying and its accompanying symptoms in the form of psychological complaints and symptoms. It also helps to improve your mental strength and to identify future vulnerable situations, so that worrying has a much smaller chance in the future!

Worrying test? Test your worrying!

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