Psyche and Brain publishes 'My quarter of an hour'

Dear Psyche and Brain reader,

Glad you are following my series of articles "15Minutes4Me.comtje" in Psyche and Brain!

To make it easier for you to do the exercises in this series effectively, each time I will prepare a worksheet for you on this page that you can download.

Some articles are accompanied by videos in which I will demonstrate a practical exercise so that you can learn it more easily.

I wish you a lot of success in applying these exercises, and hope to welcome you one day to our online self-help program "" which goes much deeper and guides you closer to the ball.

Download your worksheet to the article in Psyche and Brain

  1. Self-confidence: worksheet to the article on"Self-confidence in 3 months"
  2. Charisma: worksheet to accompany the article "Charisma in 30 days"
  3. Worry: worksheet accompanying the article"Stop Worrying"

Video with exercise accompanying the article in Psyche and Brain

Stop Worrying": The Mind Stop technique from Fliegel

Online self-help program ""

Complementing the articles in the section "" in Psyche and Brain, you can follow the online self-help program "" if you want to achieve faster results.

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Furthermore, we now invite you to test yourself for free to see if stress plays a part in your self-confidence or charisma levels.

Dr. Paul Koeck