Not all people have a burnout for the same reasons. There are different causes which can lead to a burnout. Even the combination of these factors can differ from person to person. There thus are different types of people with burnout. Research divides people with burnout up into 3 categories. This is done based on cause. One type is so perfectionist, that they overwork. The other cannot say no, so becomes burnt out. Because people with burnout have different causes, the focus is different for everyone in treatment. Having knowledge regarding causes is thus important. You can also differentiate between types of people. These are people who can have a certain disorder. In this case we consider different types of people with burnout. At the hand of this typology, too, a different treatment might be started. Because of this, we will give you a short overview of the types of people with burnout. Read them through and think about which type you might be.

People with burnout: what is the dedicated worker?

The first type is called the dedicated worked. This type works too much. This type of burnout patient cannot say no when someone asks him or her something. Despite the amount of work they have, they will never say no. Even when work gets too much for them. Because they cannot set their own boundaries, they are sucked into a negative spiral. These people with burnout pass their boundaries and slowly become exhausted or get a burnout. The amount of work which comes to them becomes too much for them. Yet, even at that moment, they will not be able to set boundaries. Because of that, more and more comes their way. This will cause them a burnout in the end.

People with burnout: what is the 'too involved' worker?

The second type is called the 'too involved' worker. This type puts too much of themselves into his or her job. He/she fins too little in life outside their job and therefore puts all energy in work. This type of people with burnout wants to make everyone happy. He/she wants to do like previous generations did and therefore says yes to everything. At a certain point they notice that they can no longer keep their word when it comes to things they have promised, and that often escalates from bad to worse.

People with burnout: what is the authoritarian worker?

The third type is the authoritarian worker. This type believes that nobody else can do their job and/or that nobody can do it as well as they do it themselves. This type is also called the perfectionist burnout-er. The perfectionistic people with burnout have learned that everything must be perfect, including all details. This goes for all tasks which they may come across. This type often does not learn that perfectionism is only useful in certain situations. In some situations it can be valuable, but there are many situations in life where perfectionism keeps us from living and working happily. We figuratively burn out because we bite off more than we can chew. We are always looking for ways in which we could have improved something.

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Do you think about burnout?

Can one of the above types possibly be applicable to you? Is there a chance that you are suffering from burnout? Then you can take our burnout test for free. This test consists of about twenty questions. After you finish answering these, you are integrally sent to a page with your results!