Seminar on the 3rd of October 2011

19.30 – 21.00 o'clock

Paul Koeck, MD

More and more people use the internet to look for solutions for medical or psychological problems. First of all, the step to take was a large one. Around 2011 we noticed that some of those who suffer from stress are looking for a solution via the internet. That was the reason why Paul Koeck, MD, together with some colleagues from within the country and abroad, took the initiative to provide online solutions via the internet: 15 Minutes 4 Me offers online therapy for stress-bound issues such as burnout, anxiety, tension, or depression: Paul Koeck, MD, will in this seminar share his experiences with online therapy from a medical-psychological point of view, and also introduce the results from his most recent study regarding the effect of online therapy. Paul Koeck studied medicine, philosophy and spots medicine at KUL. After his education at the 'Vlerick school for Management' he established himself in systematic coaching, short therapy, and hypnotherapy in Europe and the United States. He was intrigued by the question how people and systems can break out of the vicious cycle of negative stress and inefficiency. He is general manager and founder of "Coachteam", "15 Minutes 4 Me" and of the "Center of Stress guidance". He is a trainer, coach and consultant, specialized in guiding processes of change in companies, organizations, teams, and individuals. “Coachteam” helps companies through solution focused coaching: “15 Minutes 4 Me" focuses on solution focused psychotherapy to help people with all types of stress bound issues such as burnout, anxiety, depression, hyperventilation, panic, phobias, addictions, and many psychological or psychosomatic complaints: The seminar is organized by De Studiekamer Psychologie in the study center of the Open University, Lange Houtstraat 11, 2511 CV  The Hague. Opens with coffee and tea at 19.00. Also check the website The costs are 5 euros per person, payment upon arrival. Signing up for the seminar via the e-mail address:

Is an online self-help program the same as online therapy?

Modern psychology defines the term "therapy" in a different way than clinical medicine does. In this context, the word therapy regards the activity which helps people to reach their own, self-chosen goals. This can happen at the hand of a self-help program, or by visiting a therapist. Both are effective options. Would you like to read some more about the online self-help program 15 Minutes 4 Me before attending the seminar? Then click here.

Can I test myself via the free online stress test?

We developed a simple way of testing your own stress level on a weekly or monthly basis, to see how your stress level evolves. Click here to test yourself online.