Would you like to lose weight, but do you feel that it is not giving you the results which you want? Are you dieting so much that you sometimes get binge spells? Do you look for a balance in losing weight? Losing weight is not easy. Despite what you sometimes see on the internet, losing weight is work. But I do work, do I not? I hardly eat or I practice a lot of sports, and still my weight remains the same! How does this happen? Losing weight and dieting is a subject which many people think of nowadays. That is why we give you 3 simple tips here which will help you to actually lose weight!

1. I deserve that tasty pizza once a week, do I not?

It seems like food has become some sort of reward for many people. Dieting thus becomes like a punishment and after a long day at work or a work-out, some ice cream or a glass of cola is not a big deal, is it? What has made it so that food has become a reward all of a sudden? The fact that food is seen as a reward, a poor relationship with food is built, which will negatively affect you in your weight loss process.

2. I go to the gym and yet I gain weight!

It is normal to gain some weight before you start losing weight. When you start going to the gym, your body namely can retain fluids, which will lead to some weight gain. Furthermore, after having done sports for a while, you can gain weight again because you will gain muscles. Therefore it is useful to, in that case, not become disheartened by that little extra weight, and to instead focus on the physical difference. Muscles namely weight more than fat. That is why you can lose centimeters but still gain some weight!

3. Do I really need to starve myself?

Starving or strict dieting is not a good idea! It can even make it so that you lose less weight, because your body responds to this. Your brain also remembers when you are starving your body! It, in short, is definitely not healthy to eat way too little. This is also a trigger for bingeing.

Help with losing weight?

15 Minutes 4 Me is an online self-help program that will help you to get rid of unhealthy habits, so that you can focus on your chosen, wanted habits! Moreover, it can help you with the psychological process behind losing weight! For example, many people eat out of boredom or even to feel better. This of course negatively influences your goals!

Discover here how you can create a balanced and healthy lifestyle for yourself!