Self-confidence is attractive and, at the same time, difficult. Do you dare to pick that daring outfit yourself! Do you dare to speak to someone of the other sex? In many cases, people seem to help self-confidence, but 'deep down' they are unsure of themselves. It is not easy to be difficult in a culture which applauds you when you conform and blend in with the crowd, either.

Why is it difficult to build up self-confidence?

There are millions of reasons as to why the majority (read: almost everyone) of the population has poor self-confidence. First off: our Western culture is defined by competition. We need to be the best. At the same time there always is someone who is smarter, slimmer, more beautiful, works harder,... Because of these constant comparisons, it becomes difficult to be happy about the best version of ourselves. It also requires a lot of guts to be different from your colleagues, class mates, and so on. This can be expressed in having different interests, a different style of clothes, a different way of thinking,... Especially puberty is a period in which adolescents want to be part of a group. This mainly is done by following the majority while at the same time developing your own identity. For some people this can be experienced as something difficult, because they frequently have the feeling that they do not belong, which often translates to poorer self-confidence.

How do I increase my self-confidence?

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