Nothing as difficult as saving some time for yourself in a crowded schedule. However, that 'me-time' is crucial for a healthy and happy life. If you could use a handle now and then, Dr. Koeck's online self-help program '' might be something for you.

The personalized computer program guides you toward your goal every day for 15 minutes through helpful questions and exercises. You can track your progress, and where necessary, you'll be given a report to review with your doctor. is your daily companion for stress and burnout, but the program can also be useful for depression, anxiety or addiction . The program starts with 1 month of counseling, which you can extend as you wish, and costs 55 euros per month.

Research shows lasting stress reduction

A lasting stress drop of 64% and a lasting increase in life satisfaction of 40%. Those are the results of a follow-up study around The study was conducted following earlier research from 2014 on 1,056 people. That study found that the average participant reached a healthy level after 21 days of online self-help, thanks to a stress reduction of over 50%. Moreover, he or she was already 40% more satisfied with themselves and their lives during that same period.

"I find it very unfortunate that sometimes people remain on waiting lists for a year," Dr. Koeck said. "However, it has since been proven that they can feel happier within just a few weeks, and most are even free of stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue or burnout."

You can take the stress test at