ADHD is one of the most well-known developmental disorder in our modern society. Most people know one of the main symptoms of ADHD, namely hyperactivity. But there are many other characteristics of ADHD, which might be less well-known. This article sums up the characteristics of ADHD and also gives possible treatment of ADHD. Furthermore, we also mention which other factors can have an influence on the characteristics of ADHD.

Characteristics ADHD: symptoms of ADHD

ADHD is characterized by three main symptoms: hyperactivity, attention disorders, and issues with controlling impulsive behavior. The first, the hyperactivity, is probably the most well-known symptom of ADHD. It means that children who have ADHD, find it difficult to sit still. They are often disruptive in class and find it difficult to sit still on their chair during the entire day. These children often go wild during classes of physical education and during playtime. Their hyperactivity can sometimes cause sighing or nasty responses from the other children, because they do not understand why a child with ADHD does this. A second symptom of ADHD is found in the attention disorders. Children with ADHD find it difficult to pay attention to one certain thing during extended periods of time. Except for their hyperactivity, this also makes it difficult to follow classes or to do their homework at home. This translates itself to nearly all cases. Children with ADHD find it difficult to learn and to do their homework, which often causes low grades. What can be very good for some children, is to do something at school in which they use their hands. Then they do not need to sit still but are rather working with something physical. The final symptom of ADHD is that they have issues with impulse control. Children who have ADHD are often very impulsive. This can make it so that they have issues with starting and maintaining friendships. Furthermore, this lack of impulse control can also sometimes make is to that they do not know what to do with their anger.

Characteristics ADHD: treatment of ADHD

Stress can worsen the symptoms of ADHD. It can make it so that they find it more difficult to control their impulses, that their focus is even worse, and that they become more hyperactive. That is why it is useful to deal with stress in ADHD, so that the symptoms and characteristics of ADHD are also reduced. 15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program, which can help these kids in dealing with stress and reducing their symptoms. If you are older than 13 you can follow the program, as long as you get some occasional explanations from your parents. It can be so that your parents need to explain some words, but it is important that you follow the program on your own for the rest of the time.

Characteristics ADHD: take the stress test!

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