A manic depression is a type of depression, where depressed periods and manic periods alternate. In this type of depression there thus are many different symptoms present, which should be tested with a manic depression test. A manic depression test is not always easy to find. In order to speak of a manic depression diagnosis, you namely need to find a manic depression test, which measures both depressed symptoms as well as manic symptoms! To measure your depression symptoms, you can take the free depression test here. This depression test measures a part of the manic depression test, and after the test you will get more information regarding how you can deal with your depression symptoms. While this test does not measure all symptoms of a manic depression, this test can help you on your way, as depression symptoms are often highlighted a lot in treatment of manic depression.

Manic depression test? What is the importance of depression symptoms?

As mentioned above, it is important to know which depression symptoms you experience. Both a depression test as well as a manic depression test measure these depression symptoms. These symptoms are useful to know, as treatment focuses a lot on dealing with these depression symptoms. In a treatment of manic depression, one must be able to treat both manic and depressed symptoms. It is good to know that depressed episodes last longer than the manic episodes do. That is why it is useful to gather information regarding your depression symptoms when looking for a manic depression test and treatment.

Manic depression test? Which treatment after the test?

After having taken a manic depression test, you will have a better overview of your symptoms and often know if you can consider yourself to have a diagnosis manic depression. A treatment for manic depression looks different from a treatment for depression does, because the manic episodes require a different kind of treatment. In many cases a manic depression develops through a combination of physical and genetic causes, and therefore antidepressants are often used in the treatment of manic depression. 15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program which helps you to treat depression symptoms. Through a collaboration between doctors and psychologists, you can now follow the online program for fifteen minutes per day in order to re-gain your happiness at the hand of your own capacities. You can follow this program as an addition to therapy, for example, if you have a manic depression, in order to continue treating your depressed symptoms on a daily basis.