Burnout is becoming more and more common. When you have a burnout, everything becomes too much. Your mind is so overloaded that you cannot remember what people ask you to do anymore, nor what you used to do routinely. Often you will also notice that you get mad when people ask you to do something extra or to do something in general. Your brain is already so full that you no longer know where to start. Your list is getting too long and you feel like you will never finish it. A burnout is awful for both employees and employers. Employees with burnout namely suffer a lot from the burnout, and once they have had one, chances that they will ge another burnout are large. For employers it is not good, because they lose employees and it is often expensive to have an employee at home with burnout. It gets even worse when there are several people, possibly in the same department, who fall away because of burnout. That is why it is important to recognize burnout early on and fix it wherever necessary. Burnout prevention thus definitely has its advantages: it can prevent damage and difficult situations in more than one way.

Burnout prevention: how do I recognize a burnout

If you have a burnout or are developing one, you will notice that you have so much stress that you often no longer know what you are doing. You are stressed by the amount of work which you have to do, but your stress will also make it so that it takes more time for you to finish the same amount of work. Stress can make it so that you have issues with memory and with paying attention. You will often forget what it is that you have left to do, and because your mind is all filled up, you will need more time for the same amount of work. Once you have ended up in work in this way, you end up in some sort of vicious cycle. The symptoms increase your stress, which in turn causes your symptoms to worsen more and more.

Burnout prevention: treatment of burnout

15 Minutes 4 Me is an online self-help program which was developed to treat a burnout. The program is developed from cognitive behavioral therapy and daily helps you to treat and reduce the symptoms of burnout. In burnout it is also really useful to take up prevention. Burnout is namely a process which gets worse gradually. Even after you recover from a burnout, it is useful to keep following treatment, to make sure that you do not keep up the same pattern which you did before the burnout. That way, it would namely not take much time before you would develop another burnout.

Burnout prevention: take the stress test

Stress is a large cause of burnout. It is thus useful to keep an eye on your stress levels and to treat it if this would become necessary. You can take the free stress test by 15 Minutes 4 Me online at any time!