Lung cancer is an overwhelming experience. When you learn that you have cancer, you will likely be dealing with a large shock. Hearing such news namely influences your life a lot. For many, life will drastically change. You will need to have surgeries, undergo chemotherapy.... This can, and will in many cases, be paired with stress. What can stress mean in such a situation?

Lung cancer and stress

This article does not only apply to lung cancer, but to any type of cancer. The treatment or even just hearing the news will likely cause stress and/or depression. This stress and/or depression can make your life even more difficult. In psychology, there is a term called 'life quality'. It regards the quality of your life, how you want to spend your life. This term has caused a lot of controversy in the health care sector. The following questions are often discussed: "What if someone does not want to be helped?", "Is te treatment more important than life contentment?". For example, someone is brought to a hospital and is diagnosed, thereupon hearing that they only have a few months to live. If the treatment would cause the person a lot of stress, is it then still important to start treatment, or is it more important for the person to enjoy the time they have got left?

Lung cancer and life quality

Quality of life is not only a concern when someone is about to die, it also is something to think about during diagnosis and the impact of anything which has to do with the illness. Like I have mentioned before, treatment or diagnosis can go hand in hand with stress and/or depression. That is why it can be useful to also deal with the stress and/or depression. The goal of this is that you experience a higher life quality and eventually are able to process your diagnosis.

Lung cancer and ''

'' is an online self-help program which can support you in dealing with your stress and/or depression and eventually with your processing of the diagnosis. Daily, you can work on  yourself for 15 minutes with the help of our videos and questions. Research has shown that stress reduces by up to 77% and that happiness increased up to 40% after using '' for only one month.

Lung cancer: Test your stress!

Except for the program, '' also offers a free stress test, which will connect you to your scores immediately after you have filled out the test!