It is useful to take an anxiety test if you think you might suffer from an anxiety disorder. It can namely tell you which symptoms of anxiety you experience and even what might be a possible, suitable treatment for you.

It is not always easy to know what can be defined as an anxiety disorder. There are also several manuals which describe the criteria of an anxiety disorder, but unfortunately they do not all describe the same criteria. We can, however, define certain general symptoms or base our diagnosis on one specific diagnostic tool.

Tips for taking an anxiety test online!

When you look on the internet for an anxiety test, you will probably find several different tests. What you should keep in mind, however, is that not all of these websites contain psychological knowledge. Anyone can make a website nowadays, which does not require any knowledge about the subject on which the website is based. Sometimes people pretend to be experts in a certain field, while this is not the case at all. Therefore we urge you to be careful when it comes to information which you find on the internet.

Furthermore, it is useful to know that there is not a single test on the internet which may confirm a diagnosis. Even psychologists are not allowed to do so. A diagnosis is confirmed by a psychiatrist, based on several tests. Therefore, the chance that you get a validated answer by taking a single, not scientifically approved anxiety test on the internet is very low. What can, however, help you take a step in the right direction, is taking validated tests, so that you have some clue as to which anxiety symptoms you might have.

Scientifically supported anxiety test?

When you search the internet for an anxiety test, you must pay attention when it comes to how scientific the test is. Just like there are scientific surveys, while tabloid surveys also exist, there also are differences between scientific and non-scientific anxiety test.

To help you find a substantiated anxiety test, we sum up several tests below, which measure anxiety and are also used in the psychological sector. They are validated and can therefore give you an honest answer.

Anxiety test at the hand of an interview?

There are several categories when it comes to anxiety test taking. For example, interviews make up such a category. This means that you are interviewed regarding your anxiety symptoms, from which a qualified caregiver then may or may not provide you with a diagnosis. Examples of such an anxiety test are the MINI and the ADIS.

Anxiety test at the hand of self-evaluation?

Besides the category interview, there also is a category with self-evaluation surveys. In the tests in this category, the results are based on what you experience and think. The anxiety test is thus filled out by you, based on what it is that you believe you experience. In this category, we place commonly used tests such as the SCL-90, the self-evaluation survey, and the Hamilton anxiety scale. If you fill out one of the anxiety tests above, you are likely to receive a validated diagnosis.

Anxiety test on ""?

On the website of "" you can find a validated anxiety test, which can tell you more about your symptoms. This test is included in the category self-evaluation surveys, and will tell you more about what it is you experience.

Except for anxiety, this test also measures depression and stress, so that you get a full picture of the impact of your anxiety. People who experience anxiety symptoms, namely also often experience higher levels of stress and even depression if the symptoms are present over an extended period of time.

You can fill out our free online anxiety test here. The test will take about 5 minutes of our time and tells you what your personal anxiety score is as soon as you are done with the test. Furthermore, you receive free extra information on how to interpret these results, so that you will be able to select suitable treatment.