Fatigue exists in many shapes and forms. In some cases you can temporarily feel fatigued, because you are under stress. Fatigue can also have to do with the changing of seasons. More people namely seem to suffer from fatigue during winter.

People who suffer from fatigue often have trouble sleeping. In many cases it is difficult to fall asleep or even to sleep through the night. This disrupts your sleeping pattern, making you feel less refreshed when you wake up. It namely is so that deep sleep and REM sleep are the factors that make you feel awake when you get up in the morning. Sleeping problems can make it so that these two phases are disrupted, leaving you to wake up feeling fatigued.

Fatigue? How do you handle fatigue?

Oftentimes, stress lies at the roots of fatigue. Moving, pressure at work, and other stressful situations can thus make it so that you feel fatigued. This fatigue can build up to long periods in which you sleep poorly. This does not only have an effect on your mind but also on your body. It is thus useful to cut off fatigue at the root as quickly as possible.

Fatigue can go away on its own when a shorter period of time is in question during which you feel fatigued. However, it is possible that the fatigue appears to take over your life, making it difficult to find a solution for the seemingly chronic problem. In this case it can be useful to get professional help.

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