If you sleep poorly and this goes on for some time, you will be happy when your doctor prescribes you medication to help you fall asleep. This medication can truly help you to sleep better, but there are certain important things which you need to consider when you take sleep medication. Taking medication often has an influence on your body, and there also are certain consequences bound to the long-term use of medication. Read more here about the consequences of sleep medication and what is useful to know about seep medication.

Sleep medication? The way it works

Sleep medication helps you to sleep better. You can fall asleep more easily, and you sleep all the way until you have to get up again. If you have been sleeping poorly for some time, you will be happy when you can start to take sleep medication. Finally a solution for those sleepless nights. However, it is best for sleep medication to be a temporary solution only. Sleep medication is namely good to start with. If you have been sleeping poorly for some time, it is good to ensure a good night's rest right away so that you can slowly get better again. In that regard, sleep medication is very useful. It helps you to get rid of your poor sleep pattern and helps you to prevent worse, such as illnesses because your immune system is weak, and it can even help you to prevent depression or anxiety. But sleep medication is nota permanent solution. There namely is a reason why you sleep so poorly and by taking medication, you do not take away the cause. Chances are that, when you stop with medication, you will therefore sleep poorly again. Also, the effect of the sleep medication will reduce with time. This means that your body will become 'immune' to the medication after a while, and that it therefore no longer will have such a large effect on your sleeping pattern, meaning you will start to sleep poorly again.

Sleep medication? Other options!

Stress, depression, worrying behavior and anxiety often lie at the roots of a poor sleeping pattern. 15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program, which helps you in treating your stress, depression, worrying, and/or anxiety, so that you will also be able to sleep more easily!

Sleep medication? Take the stress test!

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