Burn-out is a insidious killer of our western society. Companies tell me more and more that more then 5% of their employers sit home with the diagnose burn-out.

Which kinds of burn-out are there?

The never-no burn-out

The never -no burn-outer: This burn-out patient can't say no if he/she is asked something. This burn-outer crosses his/her boundaries and slowly gets burnt-out. During the self-help program 15Minutes4Me we teach these people to rediscover their boundaries, because they forgot it for years. After that we learn them communication techniques and to command their boundaries in a respectful way.

The always yes burn-out

The always yes burn-outer: The person with this kind of burn-out want to make everybody happy, loyal to the education of previous generations en says yes to everything as consequence until that person can't live up to their promises and then it's getting worse. We teach them how to become more selective in their priorities that will bring them closer to their goal.

The perfectionist burn-out

The perfectionist burn-outer always learned that they have to do things right, taking care of every detail. He/she didn't learned that perfectionisme is only valuable in certain environments. In one situation it can be helpful, but there are many situations where perfectionisme keeps us from being happy and live happily. We burn-out figuratively, because we do more than we can handle and will look for ways to do it even better.

The burnt-out burn-out

After the previous 3 types have crossed their boundaries for too long, the system cracks and someone can get in a burn-out burn-out. These people need a long resting period before they can pick with small steps to their work back up.

Therapy and treatment of burn-out

The fastest way to feel from a burn-out is by taking a break in compliance with your doctor and by following the online self-helpprogram 15Minutes4Me. This program takes about 15 minutes a da. During these 15 minutes, you learn to evaulate your behaviour, thoughts and habbits in a different way and this will bring you to new insights in how you can organise your life to have a life with less tention and more result.

Free burn-out test

If you cant to evaluate your level of burn-out, take our free online burn-out test below. Share this article with your friends on Facebook , twitter or linked-in and then try out the test.

Dr. Paul Koeck