More people suffer from an anxiety disorder than you would think at first. Anxiety attacks are defined as a stress response, which can eventually lead to hyperventilation. When we consider something to be an anxiety disorder, the anxiety attack is each time triggered by something which should not lead to anxiety. We therefore consider an unreal anxiety to be at play. To give you more information about what an anxiety attack entails exactly, we sum up the symptoms of an anxiety attack here. You can then also read about what you can do about it and how you can tes your anxiety.

Help, I am having an anxiety attack!

An anxiety attack is caused by stress and anxiety adding up. If you come into contact with something which causes you to become anxious, you experience both anxiety and stress. It depends on the intensity of this anxiety and stress when it comes to your feelings causing an anxiety attack.

How does an anxiety attack start?

There are some symptoms which can help you notice that an anxiety attack is on its way. For example, your heart rate will go up. Your pupils will dilate and you will start to sweat. This is namely a physical reaction which your brain starts, so that you can decide more quickly in times of danger. The further you come in an anxiety attack, the worse these symptoms will come, and you are likely to experience several new symptoms, too. Some people feel like they cannot move, others start to suffer from hyperventilation. De-realization can also happen. This means that you feel like the anxiety attack is not really happening, that it is not real. Dizziness and fainting are also options,. Because your breathing becomes shallow, your brain just gets little oxygen. This can, in turn, lead to dizziness and fainting during an anxiety attack.

Help, I am getting more and more anxious!

Angst often does not limit itself to one element. After a while, you will notice that you become scared of experiencing an anxiety attack. Other things, too, suddenly start to cause an anxiety attack. Anxiety can quickly spread and take over your life. That is why it is good to treat you anxiety as early on as possible!

How do I deal with an anxiety attack?

Anxiety and its anxiety attack are problems which do not just disappear in most cases. It is not so that you get up in the morning and your anxiety suddenly is gone. Anxiety requires an active approach. The longer you wait, the more time it will take to treat your anxiety. 15 Minutes 4 Me developed such an online self-help program, which supports you every day in the treatment of your anxiety. You can pick when you want to follow it. The program was put together by doctors and psychologists, in order to bring therapeutic techniques to your home. Would you like t test to what extent you experience anxiety symptoms? Then take the free anxiety test here!