Headache exists in all shapes and forms. You can have a light pressure inside your head, or have a full-on migraine. There are many different causes for a headache. They range from purely physical causes, like an allergy which blocks your sinuses, to psychological causes, for example due to worrying. Psychological causes, especially stress, are more often the cause of your headache than you would think.

Headache and stress

There are different reasons why you might feel stressed, but stress itself will often lead to headache, whether it only is a light form or not. It can be so that you bite of more than you can chew and are stressed because of the amount of work you have to do. You can also have encountered a problem which you cannot solve, which can lead to stress. Often, worrying thoughts cause a lot of stress. There namely is a difference between thinking and worrying. When you think, you are looking for solutions for a certain problem. With worrying, however, you are stuck in the same thought pattern, which is tiring for your brain and can eventually lead to a headache.

Headache and fatigue

This actually also is part of stress, as stress can cause you to sleep less well or cause you not to fall asleep as easily a before. But a headache will also play a part in this. Because of a headache we do not reach the deeper types of sleep, which can cause physical fatigue.

Headache and depression

Headache is a symptom of depression, too. Because of worrying thoughts, which can be present in depression, a headache can be caused. It has even been scientifically proven that depression is linked to headaches in teenaged girls. They namely exhaust their brains to such an extent that their sinuses become more sensitive and vulnerable. This means there is an increased chance of headaches.

Headache: treatment

15Minutes4Me.com does not offer specific treatment for headaches, but it can help you in dealing with the stress and/or depression which lies at the root of the headache. 15Minutes4Me.com is an online self-help program which offers daily videos and questions to help you to reduce your stress and depression. Research shows that stress can lower to up to 77% and happiness increases by 40% after having followed 15Minutes4Me.com for one month.

Headache: the free stress test

Except for the online self-help program, 15Minutes4Me.com also offers a free stress test, which will tell you more about you stress and depression levels.