We often get questions regarding anxiety attacks. People describe the symptoms and ask if they could have had an anxiety attack, and what to do about it. Anxiety attacks are characterized by a stress response which can lead to a hyperventilation attack. This article will sum up the symptoms of an anxiety attack and describe possible treatment to reduce such anxiety attacks.

Anxiety attacks: symptoms

Anxiety attacks are caused by a buildup of anxiety and stress. When you have an anxiety attack you start sweating, your heart starts to beat faster and your pupils enlarge. Your muscles tense up and get ready to respond to possible danger. This is the stress response caused by anxiety. But this is not the only thing happening during an anxiety attack. Except for physical symptoms there also are psychological symptoms. When you get an anxiety attack, you get the feeling that you lose control over your body. You cannot get a grip of your body and feel like you are not the one steering your body. You get dizzy and feel like you are leaving your own body. As if you are a bystander who observes what is happening to your body. In many cases this can lead to a hyperventilation attack. The dizziness is namely caused because you breathe in a more and more shallow way, meaning your brain does not get enough oxygen. Once you have had such an anxiety attack, you also feel like they happen more often. Such an anxiety attack namely causes fear of the anxiety attack, meaning there is an even larger buildup of anxiety. Often this is a vicious cycle in which people end up, without knowing how to get out of it again. Once you experience a buildup of stress and anxiety, it is difficult to make this buildup break down and get back in control.

Anxiety attacks: treatment

15Minutes4Me developed an online self help program which helps you to deal with stress an anxiety. It gives you exercises and tips which you can use to reduce anxiety attacks, as well as prevent anxiety attacks when you feel one coming on. You learn to stay in control over your own body and emotions.

Anxiety attacks: do the anxiety test!

If you want to know what your stress and anxiety levels are, there is a free anxiety test which you can fill out. After filling out this test, which will take about minutes, you will get to see your personal scores right away!