Do you often feel fatigued lately or do you feel like it has all been too much lately? Then it is good that you are reading this article. A fatigued feeling is namely difficult to get rid of without doing anything active about it. Of course, this also depends on the extent to which you experience the fatigued feeling. This is not the same for everyone. In general, it is useful to treat the way you feel when you often feel fatigued or when you experience a lot of stress. You will notice that your life becomes calmer and that you have more control yourself. Would you like to know to what extent you feel fatigued or feel stress? Then make sure to take our free online stress test. The link is found at the end of this article. In this article, we will furthermore describe what the symptoms of a fatigued feeling are and how you can deal with those.

Fatigued test? The symptoms of fatigue!

Fatigue and stress lie close to each other. Oftentimes, the fatigued feeling is created by stress. Stress can thus be a cause of a fatigued feeling, but a fatigued feeling can also be a symptom of your stress. In short, the two are closely linked to each other. You will also notice that sleeping is more difficult than it used to be. You worry a lot in bed, which means that you find it more difficult to fall asleep or you sleep in a more shallow way. Of course, this will also have an influence on your daily activities. You will not feel so fit anymore, or you will forget things more easily and pay less attention to certain tasks. In some cases it can be so that your attention is so far gone, that  you, afterwards, think: 'Have I really done that? I cannot remember that.'

Fatigued test? How do I treat a fatigued feeling?

You can deal with your fatigued feeling at the hand of the online self-help program 15 Minutes 4 Me. The program helps you to discover what it is that can help you personally in dealing with your fatigued feeling, and getting more control and happiness in your life.

Fatigued test? Take the stress test!

If you want to know to what extent stress or a fatigued feeling has a place in your life, you can take the free online stress test here!