Do you think that you are anxious too often or that you might suffer from an anxiety disorder? Or would you simply like to know more about the symptoms of anxiety for yourself or for someone you know? Recognizing symptoms can be useful both when you think that your anxiety is becoming an anxiety disorder, but also to make sure that you do not develop an anxiety disorder in the future. By being aware of the symptoms, you might stop them from getting worse and you can take life into your own hands once again.

Anxiety? Symptoms of anxiety

While there are different kinds of anxiety disorders, there are universal symptoms of anxiety. This means that there are general symptoms of anxiety which are present in any type of anxiety disorder. First off, there are the physical symptoms of anxiety. These mean that there are certain changes in your body such as increased heart rates, you start sweating, your pupils dilate, your muscles tense up, you will breath more quickly and shallow, ... There also are psychological symptoms of anxiety. This means that you think of certain things while you get an anxiety attack, such as feeling stuck to the ground, wanting to walk away, having the feeling that you are out of touch with your body or even feeling like you are some sort of outsider who is looking at what it is that is happening to you. In many cases it can also be so that you start hyperventilating during an anxiety attack or that you faint from the tension.

Anxiety? Symptoms of anxiety and treatment!

Do you notice that many of these symptoms are applicable to you? Whether or not you now actually have an anxiety disorder, it is good to treat these symptoms, especially if they influence your daily life a lot. 15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program which helps you to treat your anxiety from home. You can thus follow the program on a daily basis without having to go anywhere.

Anxiety? Symptoms of anxiety? Test them in the anxiety test!

Would you like to know to what extent these symptoms are applicable to you? Then take the free online anxiety test here, which will tell you immediately afterwards what your personal anxiety score is.