We all have a poor night's sleep sometimes, but what if these nights keep going? What if you keep sleeping poorly? Then we can consider a fatigue to be at hand. Fatigue is a constant feeling of tiredness, the feeling that you do not sleep well and that you do not get enough sleep in order to be fresh during the next day. In this article we will talk about the symptoms of fatigue, but also about possible causes of this fatigue. Finally, we will describe possible treatment types to treat fatigue.

Fatigue causes: symptoms of fatigue

If we are fatigued, the fact that we sleep poorly has an influence on other areas in our lives. You easily forget things and are often frustrated. You find it difficult to pay attention and feel restless. You will even notice that you find it difficult to relax during your spare time.

Fatigue causes: causes of fatigue

A common cause of fatigue is stress. Often, we experience fatigue for the first time during a stressful period or during a period in which we are under pressure. You then notice that you sleep more and more poorly. You find it difficult to fall asleep and often wake up during the night, too. Because you sleep in a more shallow way, you wake up more quickly and have fewer stages of deep sleep and REM. These stages are responsible for your physical and mental improvement, so that you wake up with a fresh feeling the next day. Stress can cause this. It namely brings about a physical reaction, which is characterized by muscles tensing up and by unrest. Your body will also find it difficult to find the rest which it needs in order to fall asleep. Stress can also make it so that you start to worry. For example, you might worry about all the things which you need to do, or how to go about doing certain things. This, too, can make it difficult for you to fall asleep.

Fatigue causes: treatment of fatigue

There are different ways in which you can treat fatigue. It is best to pick a type of treatment which focuses on the underlying reason behind the fatigue. In most cases, issues sleeping are caused by stress. In hat case it is thus useful to deal with this stress. If you then reduce your stress, you will also notice that you have fewer issues when it comes to sleeping. You will find it easier to fall asleep and wake up less often. 15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program, which guides you in the treatment of stress, and thereby also reduces your chances of ending up in similar situations again in the future.

Fatigue causes: take the stress test

If you want to know to what extent your stress can have an influence on your fatigue or even possibly cause fatigue in the future, you can take the free stress test here!