Borderline is one of the most well-known personality disorders. Borderline is characterized by a constantly changing view of oneself and friendships. It means that these people do not have many steady relationships in their life. Not even with themselves. People with borderline can make a confusing impression, because it often is difficult for other people tu follow how this person feels about certain things. But except for these main characteristics, what are other characteristics of borderline and when do I have borderline? This article describes symptoms and lists possible types of treatment of borderline.

Borderline: symptoms of borderline

The main characteristic of borderline is thus that people with borderline have constantly changing views of themselves and their relationships. This goes for everything from friendships to partnerships. At one moment they have the perfect partner, and the next moment there is no worse one. When they have a negative view of someone, they will often put this person down. They will often behave weirdly, so that people actually leave them, or seem to leave them. Furthermore, they really doubt themselves. At one moment they find themselves to be kind and beautiful, while they feel really ugly at the next moment. Borderline is often also linked to an empty feeling which they do not seem to be able to get rid of. Their lack of impulse control can furthermore make it so that they often fight with others. Altogether, people with borderline also often think of suicide, or attempt this more than once.

Borderline: psychological factors which can worsen borderline

There are certain factors which can worsen borderline. Stress has a large impact on the symptoms of borderline. It is namely so that stress in a borderline patient can make it so that their views change even more often, or that their impulse control drops even more. THey often get mad more easily, too, when they experience stress.

Borderline: treatment of borderline

If you have borderline, it is also useful to treat the factors which can cause borderline. 15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program, which helps these people in the treatment of stress, which can worsen the symptoms of borderline. It will also help you in the development of new habits, which work against stress, so that stress will also be stopped in the long-term, causing your symptoms to reduce.

Borderline: take the stress test!

If you want to know to what extent your stress can have an influence on your borderline, or if it can worsen your borderline symptoms, you can take the free stress test here!