You would think that fatigue in itself is not so bad. However, this is not the case. There are major fatigue consequences. For example, being more vulnerable to illnesses, depression, anxiety,... It is indeed so that fatigue eventually can lead to psychological problems. It is thus not only physical problems which we have to consider, but we are also psychologically more vulnerable.

Physical fatigue consequences?

With physical fatigue consequences, we mean things like the reduction of your immune system, making you more vulnerable to diseases. But it is not just your immune system which weakens. Your entire body becomes weaker. Fatigue and fatigue consequences are linked to experiencing a lot of stress, for example. This can cause certain skin diseases. Stress and fatigue can thus have major consequences on your body.

Also, chances of you doing any physical exercise decrease. You will probably sport less or nt at all anymore, which can have consequences for both your mind and your body. You feel worse, have the feeling of not having a physique anymore. Of course, it is not a good idea to physically strain yourself when you are fatigued, but a little bit of sports does help against both physical and psychological illnesses.

Psychological fatigue consequences?

Less well-known is that fatigue can also cause several psychological fatigue consequences. As mentioned earlier, fatigue and fatigue consequences often are linked to stress. Stress, in turn, can lead to depression, burnout, and even to anxiety disorders. Often, fatigue is caused because your brain is overworked, which will also cause psychological vulnerability.

Depression and anxiety in themselves are much more difficult to treat than fatigue. It is therefore useful to learn to recognize and treat your fatigue consequences at an as early stage as possible.

At the hand of our free fatigue test you can check to what extent you experience fatigue symptoms and fatigue consequences. This test can indicate the severity of the fatigue consequences for you. At the hand of this, you can then start looking for suitable healthcare to start treating your fatigue consequences as quickly as possible.

From research it has been shown that people, who followed the online self-help program, were stress free after about 3 weeks. As opposed to depression and anxiety symptoms, stress and fatigue symptoms are thus shown to be treated rather quickly.