Do you recognize a pattern in your anxiety? Do you experience panic and do you sometimes hyperventilate at the same time? If you have the feeling that you get anxious in certain situations and have a large response to this, it can be so that you have a panic attack. A panic attack has different symptoms. It therefore does not mean that, if you are anxious, that you definitely have a panic attack. In this article we describe the symptoms of a panic attack and we will also sum up different treatment methods. Here you can thus discover what to do to treat your panic attack and how to once again be in control of your anxiety.

Panic attack: symptoms

A panic attack can be seen as a major response to anxiety. You will also notice that some symptoms of a panic attack are the same as those of anxiety, but more severe. If you have a panic attack, you have a strong feeling of restlessness in your body. You will notice that your muscles tense up and that you breathe more quickly, as your heart also starts to beat more quickly. Your body namely experiences anxiety and wants to prepare to respond to danger. If this anxiety is very severe or builds up, it can be so that you get a panic attack. Furthermore, you will also become light-headed and you might become dizzy as well. You might also start to hyperventilate and this can cause you to faint, or just faint without hyperventilation. Your brain namely does not get enough oxygen due to the panic attack and this can cause you to become dizzy or faint. Furthermore, it is not just the body which responds to anxiety - your mind will also go into overdrive. You will notice that you cannot get yourself to calm down and that your thoughts are racing. Because of that which is happening, you can also have the feeling that you have lost control, and that you are watching what is happening to your body as some sort of outsider.

Panic attack: treatment

What can you do to reduce or avoid panic attacks in the future? You no longer want to have this feeling but you do not know how to deal with it. You can follow the online program by 15 Minutes 4 Me, to treat your anxiety and to once again gain control over your anxiety and your body. 15 Minutes 4 Me is an online program, based on cognitive behavioral therapy, which you can follow daily in order to treat your anxiety. You will notice that your panic attacks occur less frequently, but that your anxiety will also be treated when you make the effort to follow the program every day.

Panic attack: take the anxiety test

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