If you suffer from stress, it might be useful to know what the prevalence of stress entails. How many people really suffer from stress? Is it a common issue or is the prevalence of stress rather low instead?

Just like with other problems, the prevalence of stress is higher than we would like it to be. There is an estimated 30% of mental problems which are related to stress. It is therefore useful here to know more about the prevalence of stress, because it often worsens symptoms of other physical issues or can even trigger them. For example 10% of the Dutch population would be affected by burnout symptoms.

To give you more information regarding the prevalence of stress, we will describe the prevalence of stress as it is distributed over several important continents/countries.

The prevalence of stress in America?

According to certain research in America, stress would be the number one health issue. The article was therefore called "America's health issue number 1". This article indicates that 75-90% of the American population visits their doctor due to stress related problems. The prescription of anxiety medication and antidepressants also ranks high on the list 'most often prescribed medication'.

The prevalence of stress in Europe?

The prevalence of stress is not only high in America. In Europe, too, the prevalence of stress lies much higher than we would want it to. Research done in the UK, for example, shows that about 13.5 million work days are lost each year as a result of stress complaints.

The rest of Europe follows the UK in the high prevalence of stress. For example, the European Agency for safety and health at work indicates that there are millions of employees who suffer from stress caused by their work situation. About 10 million employees fall ill each year as a consequence of stress at work.

What is the conclusion?

The prevalence of stress can be concluded to be very high. Not only in Europe, but over the entire world countries experience high prevalence of stress. This is useful information. First of all, this information tells you that you are not 'weak' if you experience stress. Stress is a normal and natural occurrence, which nowadays has a different connotation than it used to have. Secondly, this can help you conclude that it is useful to treat your stress. Stress is namely an individual and societal problem, which can have large consequences. It can therefore be motivating to know that you are not alone and that you also have the power to treat your stress.

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