Stress is a very common problem in our modern-day society. Everyone suffers from it sometimes. But stress is not always as innocent as it seems. Sometimes stress can be positive, namely by getting us to get more done, but in many cases it is very bad for us, with physical as well as psychological consequences. When does stress get too severe and does it become a different, worse problem? When does stress become burnout? This article answers the previous questions and explains the link between them.

What is the link between stress and burnout?

Stress has many physical and psychological consequences. In the beginning, these symptoms do not show so much and they do not have a large influence on our daily lives. The longer the stress persists, the more consequences you will suffer from stress. You sleep poorly, worry constantly, have headaches,... You see, that if these symptoms continue, they can severely affect our everyday functioning. These symptoms are not fun for anyone to experience. They exhaust us, both physically and mentally. The limit to what someone can take, is different for everyone. People namely have different levels of tolerance, and the symptoms and their severity also differ from person to person. In long-term stress it often is so that stress ends up developing into a burnout. It all becomes too much and you can no longer deal with the symptoms. Here we, of course, consider larger periods of time. Stress does not turn into burnout after just two weeks.

Does stress always lead to burnout?

Chances that you get a burnout in long-term stress are higher than other consequences. Of course, stress will not always lead to burnout. For this we should look at long-term stress. Furthermore, long-term stress can have other consequences too, such as depression, for example.

How can 15 Minutes 4 Me help?

15 Minutes 4 Me is an online self-help program which is specialized in the treatment of stress, burnout, anxiety, and depression. You can guide yourself on a daily basis at the hand of online videos and solution focused questions. This way, 15 Minutes 4 Me helps you to reduce stress and its consequences which would follow.

Where can I measure stress?

You can measure stress at the hand of our free stress test. This test takes about 5 minutes of your time and will give you your scores as soon as you are done!