Do you sometimes experience panic? Are you sometimes anxious without a reason or because of some non-real danger? If your panic adds up, it can lead to a panic attack. You start to sweat and you feel like you are no longer in control of your body. A panic attack can happen to anybody, but if it happens often, it is useful to look for help. This article explains more about the symptoms of a panic attack and what you can do about it.

Panic: physical reaction

If you experience panic, your body exhibits a stress and anxiety reaction. You start to panic. This can be caused by different things. It can be so that you have an anxiety disorder, and that this causes your to experience panic. It could also be so that your stress has built up to such an extent that it needs to find a way out. When you get a panic attack, you start to sweat, your breathing becomes shallow, you get light-headed, you are dizzy,... On top of this, many people feel like they are no longer in control of their body. Some people even have the feeling that they are floating outside of their body.

Panic: psychological reaction

When you experience panic, your thoughts often run wild. You can no longer calm them down, causing your body to be unable to calm down, and so on. Your mind enters some sort of overdrive and you will find it difficult to mentally calm down again. You also find it more difficult to think. You are namely light-headed and dizzy, making thinking more difficult. That is why it is difficult to think of possible solutions, and your thoughts move so fast that you skip possible solutions.

Panic: treatment

What you can do to work on your panic, is to deal with underlying stress and anxiety. This can be done at the hand of our online self-help program. It will support you to reduce your stress and anxiety level, so that panic and its attacks occur less and less often.

Panic: take the anxiety test!

You can always fill out our free online anxiety test, to measure your level of anxiety. After filling out the test, you will receive your personal scores right away!