Are you depressed? Here are the symptoms of depression ...

Are you feeling sad and lonely for no specific reason? Do you always feel tired and weak lately? Do you feel sleepy all the time yet having trouble sleeping at night?

If you feel any of these, you may be having depression symptoms. We all may manifest some of these symptoms at one point in our lives for a short time. This is normal. Meaning, all these should go away after a certain period...

But what if they don’t? You may need to seek professional help this time.

Depression is the feeling of sadness, loneliness, feeling unhappy, and miserable. A depressed person often feels hopeless and worthless even to the point of contemplating suicide. It’s like nothing in this world makes sense anymore.

Normally, all of us may experience these signs of depression but these should resolve rather quickly. When they don’t, it may be serious. More depression symptoms include lack of focus, fatigue or lack of energy, and lack of interest in doing daily activities. Hobbies or things that were once enjoyable don’t appeal to you anymore. You get irritated easily and you feel restless. At times, if not most of the time you get angry for no reason at all.

Don’t just ignore these warning signs.

All of these must be addressed early to avoid more complicated problems. Depression symptoms serve as warning signs or red flag that tells you when it’s time to seek help. If untreated, depression may progress to a more serious type or types, as depression have different classifications.

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What causes depression?

Indeed it’s important to know what really causes depression. Why are you feeling these things? Can we directly point out the cause? Why do you experience these weird and unusual feelings?

The fact is depression is more complex than all other health conditions like diabetes, stroke, heart and lung problems as far as etiology is concerned. Depression on the other hand, involves multiple aspects: biological, psychological, social or everything at the same time.

How can we treat depression?

Dr. Paul Koeck is a physician and a psychotherapist who specializes in treating patients with stress-related disorders. He developed an online self-help program that addresses major stress-related problems including depression symptoms.

This program is a collaboration of professional clinical advises and inputs from a team of scientists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and physicians. This online program has been proved to be very effective in multiple studies, published in Belgian and Dutch medical journals.

Where can we find help?

You can take a free self-test and find out whether you’re having depression symptoms or just some minor episodes of emotional setbacks. It will take just a couple of minutes.

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