You know how they are, the two most hated times of year: the exam periods. It can happen that you are overwhelmed during these periods and experience test anxiety. This test anxiety can affect you a lot and make it so that you find it difficult to prepare for your exams. An example of test anxiety is crying. Many people cry during study time and their exams, because the anxiety and stress add up. It can be so that you cry because you are scared of the exam which you have the next day, or because you think that you have failed a certain exam. Test anxiety is something which can affect you a lot during studying, and it can have major consequences. Read more here about what you can do to deal with your test anxiety, in order to make these periods a little more pleasant.

Test anxiety? What are tips for dealing with test anxiety?

Test anxiety starts for many people with studying. You will notice that, when test anxiety overwhelms you, you can no longer study well. This way, you reduce your own chances of passing. A first tip therefore is knowing that excess anxiety will not help you. It is good to experience a little bit of test anxiety, because this can motivate you. However, if the anxiety becomes overwhelming, chances are that your test anxiety will sabotage you. If you have a moment where your test anxiety is overwhelming, it is good to take a break. It is then usually not useful to stare at your books for hours on end, crying or not. If you take a little break in order to get it all together again, you will be able to focus much better afterwards. Relaxation and rest are very important during a studying and exam period. Sometimes you can become more emotional because you get too little rest or that you have relaxed too little. If you are in a moment where you experience too much test anxiety, you can always let the books be for a while and do something relaxing. A tip here is to pick an activity which relaxes the brain, so that the brain does not become overworked. An example of this could be going for a walk or taking a bath.

Test anxiety? How do I treat it when it gets too bad?

15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program which helps you for fifteen minutes per day in order to deal with your anxiety and stress, so that you can study like you want again. If test anxiety and stress become overwhelming, it is often useful to work on this, so that you feel good about taking your exams.

Test anxiety? Take the anxiety test!

If you want to know to what extent you experience test anxiety and what influence this might have on your life, you can take the free online anxiety test here!