Being a teacher is not always easy. You enjoy working with children, but sometimes there are also difficult parents that go along with them. You do not agree with them, you want them to engage themselves more,... In short, it is not always easy to talk to parents. Would you like some tips regarding communication with parents, or gain deeper insight in why communication sometimes does not go as it should? Then read more here about difficult communication with parents!

Difficult communication with parents: causes

There are different reasons why you do not agree with the parents, or why the parents do not agree with you. An example of this is that the student has done something he or she should not have done, but that the parents refuse to believe that. Another example is that they do not agree with the way in which you deal with the child. Furthermore, it can also be so that communication is affected by a difference in languages. This is something which occurs more and more often in our society. In short, difficult communication with parents can cause quite some stress. This, in turn, can have an influence on the way you teach or the way you handle the child.

Difficult communication with parents: 15 Minutes 4 Me

15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program which helps you to deal with stress as a teacher. This stress can have many different causes, such as difficult communication with parents. To be able to focus more or to not let stress influence your communication, you can follow the online program by 15 Minutes 4 Me.

Difficult communication with parents: take the stress test!

Would you like to know if you as a teacher might suffer from stress, which can influence your communication skills or your way of teaching? Then take the free stress test here and find out what your stress level is.