How does stress influence teenagers?

When teenagers experience stress, this is dealt with by a cooperation between the teenager and their parents, as well as through cooperation with the teachers. This article will summarize what we can learn from research. The University of Minnesota gives us some tips.

Stress in teenagers?

A Greek philosopher once said: "Change is a constant in life". People change, situations change, thoughts change. Teenagers find it difficult to deal with these variations. This can lead to stress, anxiety, burnout, and tension. Below we sum up several possible situations which can cause stress.

  • Illness
  • Relationship status of the parents
  • Pressure from fellow teenagers
  • Research
  • Changing schools
  • Moving
  • Passing of a loved one
  • Friendship
  • Grades in school

Youths go through a difficult phase and the signals they receive from parents, teachers, or friends, can be very confusing. This phase can thus cause serious problems, stress, and tension in teenagers if they do not know how to handle these situations.

Good or bad stress?

Stress can be 'good' or 'bad'. With some 'good' stress and tension, the best in the teenager can be brought out. 'Bad' stress can cause headaches, nightmares, agitation, and fatigue. If you experience stress for an extended amount of time, this can lead to hopelessness or illness. It is very important that parents teach their teenagers how to deal with stress and tension.

Study regarding stress and tension in teenagers

Joyce Walker, the university of Minnesota, researched the effect of stress and tension in adolescence. The study focussed on different situations with which teenagers are confronted, to describe how they deal with them. The study then showed how stress and tension can cause destructive behavior. For this research, data was collected from students in high school from 52 municipalities in Minnesota.

The results from the study regarding tension and stress

4300 students took part in the study and the following results were found:

  • 61% of the students were not depressed and could handle issues well
  • 39% of the students had a minor to major depression
  • 9% of the students had a major depression
  • 6% of the students reported suicide attempts

How can self-help lower stress and tension in teenagers?

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Stress in youths?

Many youths are confronted with situations which cause stress and tension. Oftentimes, these stressing factors add up. This can lead to depression, aggressive behavior and suicidal thoughts. Some adolescents who experience stress or tension, suddenly start fighting, drinking, or smoking. Adults who play a large role in the life of the teenager, can help by showing understanding. They must be able to relate to the problems which the teenager experiences. If you give your youths a good guidance and time, they will learn how to solve stress and handle stress related problems. Being aware of stress in both adults and teenagers will help them to find a positive way in which do deal with stress.

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