Now that winter has arrived, it seems like you need more and more sleep and feel more tired at the same time. Often it is still dark when you leave for work and it is already dark when you leave for home again. This indirectly signals to our brain that it is already late and that perhaps we should not wait too long before getting into bed. Yet it is only 5 p.m. and far too early to go to sleep.

Now that winter is here, our biorhythms may be a bit disturbed. Our biorhythms tell us when we "should" be awake and when it is best to sleep. However, as the days get shorter and shorter, you too may start to feel more tired.

Fatigue symptoms? How do you identify fatigue?

Everyone can have down times. However, chronic fatigue and having a lesser period are entirely different concepts. We speak of chronic fatigue when fatigue symptoms occur in multiple areas over an extended period of time, which will make it difficult to continue to function normally.

Fatigue symptoms can mean several things. First, there is the predominant feeling of fatigue. Linked to this feeling, people with fatigue often suffer from sleep problems: it is harder to fall asleep or sleep through, which can cause you to not get the physical and psychological recovery you need. In addition, our mood also often experiences an effect of fatigue symptoms. For example, you may feel gloomy more often or your mood may fluctuate frequently. In addition, it is often difficult to concentrate for long periods of time and perhaps even after some time frequent memory calls.

Fatigue symptoms? How do you address them?

There are several methods and exercises to counteract and gradually reduce fatigue symptoms. is an online self-help program that guides you daily in addressing fatigue symptoms using cognitive behavioral techniques and solution-focused therapeutic techniques. Learn to address your fatigue symptoms effectively and long-term today and sign up!

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