Charisma self-coaching online?

Radio announcer Mischa Blok from Radio EenVandaag from Amsterdam called me for a radio interview about the development of charisma, in response to the movie premiere of the new movie "The Double" by director Richard Ayoade. The Double is based on "The Double" by Fjodor Dostojevski. You can listen to her interview again on (Dutch).

'The Double' by Fjodor Dostojevski.

Simon is a shy man without any charisma, who lives an isolated life in a world which does not see him. But everything changes when the charismatic James, his physical doppelgänger, starts to work at the same company which Simon works at. Opposite to Simon, he has a lot of self-confidence, is charismatic and popular with women. Simon sees his nightmare come true as James takes over his life, slowly but surely.

Press presentation of 'Te Double'

Mischa Blok will tomorrow take me to the national press presentation of THE DOUBLE by Richard Ayoade, with Jesse Eisenberg and Mia Wasikowska in the lead. THE DOUBLE had its world premier during the Sundance Film Festival, and was also selected for the Toronto International Film Festival.

Charisma development through coaching and training

The reason why she asked me, is because of my training and coaching program in the development of "Charisma". Mischa Blok wanted to hear my opinion on the way in which the phenomenon charisma develops in the movie by Richard Ayoade.

Charisma self-coaching program online

The funny coincidence is that I was just underway with building in our charisma development program in our already existing online self-coaching program '15 Minutes 4 Me. From September onwards, you can develop your own charisma for €55 by following this charisma development program for fifteen minutes online every day.

Charisma: developing it yourself?

How do you sign up? You just sign up for the general self-coaching program '15 Minutes 4 Me' via this website.

Charisma development program

Charisma pre-test

You will - after signing up - first take a few short tests to check how you are dong. Based on that, the program knows which phases you should personally go through in order to develop your charisma, just like you would during our personal coaching, but for the much cheaper rate of €55 for one month of daily charisma self-coaching.

Charisma psychology

Then, the first days, you will be prepared and learn the basics of how our brain learns to develop solution focused habits, as a preparatory step toward learning charisma.

Charisma core program

Starting at the second week, you follow certain specific modules which help you step by step - in fifteen minutes per day - to build up your own charisma. I wish you a lot of charismatic enjoyment!!

Paul Koeck, MD