I think that most parents can relate to the statement that, since they had kids, their social life has reduced somewhat. You no longer have drinks with friends as often or no longer have dinner dates with friends. Oftentimes, all energy of parents goes toward bringing up their children. This is an intensive job in itself. In some cases, however, it can make it so that you feel lonely. You no longer have as much contact with others, and especially for parents who stay at home with their children, it can feel lonely sometimes. Read more here about the symptoms of loneliness and what you can do about it.

Parents and social life? Loneliness

As mentioned in the introduction, you are not alone when you feel lonely after having had kids. While your children are the best thing that ever happened to you, the loneliness can sometimes still affect you. Especially if you are a young father or mother, it can be so that the change toward having children has made a large difference for you. You used to go out to the pub with friends or sometimes even went to parties, and now you hardly even have time to see your friends because you are so tired of a combination of your job and your children. What can you do about this, or what can you do to make more time for your friends?

Parents and social life? The solution

15 Minutes 4 Me is an online self-help program which helps you in treating your lonely feeling. It contains tips regarding time management, as well as a therapeutic program to treat stress, depression, and burnout. This way you can work on your feeling of loneliness and once again find the energy you need to give your social life a boost.

Parents and social life? Take the depression test!

Because parents can sometimes feel alone, it can be so that they experience feelings of depression. Therefore, take the free depression test to see what your level of depression is!