Borderline is getting more and more well-known. There is more information available each day. But what does it entail? Borderline is a personality disorder which is characterized by a life filled with unstable relations. People with borderline generally find it more difficult to develop constant relationships. In this article we explain more about the symptoms of borderline as well as things which could influence the symptoms.

Borderline test: symptoms of borderline

As mentioned before, borderline is characterized by the instability of the relationship of this person. This means that it is difficult for this person to have stable friendships, relationships, and so on. Often, the image of a friendship which a person with borderline has changes over a short period of time. One moment someone is the perfect friend with no flaws whatsoever, and the next moment they do not want anything to do with the person, who suddenly is regarded to be a bad person.  Often the idea of a friendship moves from idealizing to criticizing for a person with borderline. In the latter period, they break down people or criticize them while others are present. It can even be so that they start to act weird in order to be left by the others.
Furthermore, borderline is characterized by a changing self-mage. One moment they are extremely confident and the next they find themselves to be worthless. People with borderline also often attempt suicide or have a constant feeling of emptiness.
The final symptom which many people with borderline suffer from, is that they find it difficult to control their impulses. Because they have problems with this, they often have a negative effect on the people around them.

Borderline test: influence of other factors

People with borderline can experience a lot of stress. It is namely not fun to have such difficult relationships which often lead to fights. Fights can lead to stress, which can worsen the borderline symptoms.

Borderline test: treatment developed an online self-help program which can help people with borderline to deal with their stress and thereby help their symptoms to decrease. Furthermore, they can also follow modules which help them to improve their communication.

Borderline test: do the stress test

If you think that you might be suffering from stress and you have borderline, you can test here to what extent stress might have an influence on your symptoms. Do the free stress test, which will let you know right after you are done what your stress level is.