Burnout is becoming the illness of our time. Companies often confide in me that more than 5% of their employees are currently at home with a diagnosis of burnout. These numbers are enormous. That is why we will share some short tips for preventing burnout here. Prevention is better than curing, as can be concluded using common logic.

Tips to prevent burnout

  1. Learn to listen to your body
  2. Take a fifteen minute break after having worked for 90 to 120 minutes consecutively
  3. Do at least one thing every day which makes you enjoy life
  4. When you notice that you are getting tired, listen to your body's signals
  5. Take an online test every once in a while to check if your score is still healthy (green). We often do not notice when we are going downhill

Test yourself online for burnout

Take the free online burnout test here, testing the three most important components of burnout: stress or tension, anxiety, and depression.

Paul Koeck, MD