There are different possible causes of burnout. Why does burnout develop? And why does it affect you and not someone else? Others also have a lot of work, do they not? The reason that a burnout develops can differ from person to person. In general, however, there are somethings which do match in most stories. In this article we will talk about what the causes of burnout are. After that, we will give possible options to treat this burnout and let you know where to find a burnout test which can help you to discover your level of burnout.

Causes of burnout? Perfectionism

In the title you see a term which you probably already know: perfectionism. What does perfectionism have to do with burnout? We see that people, who have perfectionist tendencies, generally take longer to complete tasks because they want to do so perfectly, which causes them to also have more difficulties with, for example, letting go that not all work which should have been done is done yet. If you are a perfectionist, you often want everything to go perfectly, even the smallest details. If this then does not happen, it is often difficult for you to let go and it might be so that you lie and worry about everything you have left to do or how to do things in the future. For this reason, you often have larger chances of a burnout than people who do not have perfectionism as a tendency. Do not misunderstand us, it is definitely not a bad thing to be a perfectionist, but oftentimes it is so that no difference is made between situations in which it is good to be this and situations in which it does not add anything to the work. That is something which people easily forget or they, after some time, lose sight of where their boundaries lie. They end up in overdrive and then worry about everything that has not gone perfectly. This way, stress and tension add up, until one might have it all end up in a burnout.

Causes of burnout? Treatment of burnout!

15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program which helps people with burnout and people who have perfectionist tendencies in treating their burnout. First of all, we see which the mechanisms are which lie behind burnout, and then we will give you personal tips in the treatment of your burnout, which are inspired by that which helps you.

Causes of burnout? Take the burnout test!

If you want to know what your burnout level is or which symptoms of burnout are applicable to you, you can take the free online burnout test here!