From a 2010 study in name of FPS Employment, Labor, and Social Discussion, it has been shown that burnout is more common among healthcare providers such as doctors and nurses than it is in other sectors. About one-third of the Belgian healthcare providers deals with a burnout. A study regarding the work environment of nurses in 12 European countries in the time period 2009 - 2011, showed that 1 in 4 Belgian nurses has a burnout. These results show that it is important to research more thoroughly what the situation of burnout in doctors and nurses in Belgian hospitals is. To put an efficient burnout policy into effect, the FPS Employment, Labor, and Social Discussion and the FPS Public Health, Safety of Food Chains and Living Environment gave the order to evaluate the size of burnout among doctors and nurses in an active way within Belgian hospitals. It is also so that recommendations are to be formulated.when it comes to the way in which the problem can be dealt with (when it comes to prevention and care at management and hospital level). During this workshop, we want to show the results of this study and introduce the formulated recommendations. This workshop is also an opportunity to talk about the problems in this sector, and to consider the studies done in this area.

Program workshop Burnout in hospitals

5th of October 2013, Brussel

  • 08.30 Welcome
  • 09.00 Introduction
  • 09.30 Study by the College of physicians for the function Intensive Care, Prof, Luc Huyghens, MD, Chairman College Intensive Care
  • 10.00 Study «Burnout and engagement in doctors and nurses in Belgian hospitals», Sofie Vandenbroeck, MD, IDEWE, Heverlee
  • 10.45 Break
  • 11.15 Study «Burnout in general practitioners: prevention and treatment», Pascale JONCKHEER, KCE, Brussel
  • 12.00 Lunch
  • 13.30 Burnout in the field, Pierre, MD FIRKET, Clinique du stress et du travail, ISOL, Liège
  • 14.00 Tools to find burnout, Arnaud ANGENOT, Université de Liège
  • 14.30 Testimonials by hospitals who partook in the study
  • 16.00 Conclusions

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