Antidepressants are prescribed more and more often. In certain cases, antidepressants can make it so that you are cured more quickly and long-term from your depression or other mental disorder. but in many cases, antidepressants do not really work. How do you know whether or not antidepressants work for you? In this article we describe the conditions under which antidepressants can contribute to your treatment and which are the possible alternatives to treating your depression.

Antidepressants? When do they work and when do they not?

Antidepressants are very useful in the treatment of genetic types of depression or severe forms of depression. This means that antidepressants can be a useful complement in depressions which are caused by a natural proneness to developing depressions, or in the treatment of depressions which are present for years and keep coming back. Antidepressants are often unnecessary when looking at depressions caused by a negative happening or minor depressions. If the depression is caused by, for example, a trauma, divorce, loss of job, ... it is usually much more useful to treat your depressed feelings with the help of therapy rather than with medication. The problem is caused by a situation, therefore it is also best to solve the problem by dealing with the situation rather than through medication. Minor depressions are most often also easier to treat through therapy than through medication.

Antidepressants? Online self-help!

Except for the traditional forms of aid, 15Minutes4Me developed an online self-help program, inspired by techniques of traditional therapy, to offer people the option to work on their depression on a daily basis. The program guides you for 15 minutes each day and thereby helps you to treat your depression.

Antidepressants? Do the depression test!

To know to what extent you might have a present depression, you can take the free depression test!