Depression is one of the most commonly occurring mental illnesses worldwide. Because of the depression symptoms it can often take a long time before you look for professional help, a step which is correct and useful in many cases. It furthermore often is difficult to put a finger on what it is that is happening to you exactly. In many cases, people do not really know that they suffer from a depression, they only know that something is not right. To help you in your search for professional help, you will find the most common symptoms of depression in this article, to give you an indication of what could be going on. Furthermore, you will also find some tips about how to deal with depression and a free depression test which can tell you to what extent your daily functioning is disrupted by eventual depression symptoms.

Depression? What are depression symptoms?

Depression is first of all characterized by an overwhelming and constant somber mood, which seems to consume you. It thus is likely that you will cry more frequently than you used to, which eventually in turn can also affect other depression symptoms. Sleeping issues are often also a part of depression symptoms, since many people stay up late worrying about different topics. This in turn can then be linked to your feelings of guilt, which are characteristic of depression. You have the feeling that many things are your fault and that most of the things you do are not good, possibly even generalizing to everything. On top of all this, people with depression often suffer from helplessness, isolation, and a lack of a vision of the future. They have the feeling that there is nothing that they can change about the situation, and they most of all want to be alone, which in turn then can strengthen other depression symptoms.

Depression treatment? How do you treat a depression?

Depression treatment can be done in different ways. One of the most efficient ways is through psychotherapy. Seeing how this can be a difficult step for some people, there also are other types of therapy than the most well-known and conventional therapy types. An example is 15 Minutes 4 Me. 15 Minutes 4 Me is an online self-help program, developed by doctors and psychologists, that helps you from home on a daily basis in reducing your depression symptoms in order to treat your depression both in the short term as well as in the long term.

Depression? Take the free test!

Do you think that you might suffer from depression? Then take the free depression test here and discover to what extent depression symptoms disrupt your daily functioning.