You know how it is: you walk along the street and your child throws a temper tantrum. People around you look at you and wonder if you are a good mother. You can simply see them judging you. At that time there always is some person who just has to meddle in the way you parent your child. But are you not the person who knows what is best for your child? What makes it so that others come to you with these tips? Do they think that they can parent your child so much better than you can? Mothers and fathers in general find it very annoying when people start to meddle in parenting of their child, without being asked to do so. Read more here about how you can deal with this and why people really do this.

Meddling in parenting? Why?

In the introduction we stated that people in the streets can meddle in parenting, but it can also be so that family members are constantly giving advice about how to handle your child. in many cases this is your mother, who already has experience with bringing up a child, who believes that there are certain things that you should do differently. After a while you might even start to feel insecure because of all this meddling. You start to doubt yourself as a mother and you are embarrassed as a mother when your child then throws a temper tantrum.

Meddling in parenting? The solution

Often you cannot stop others from meddling, but you can change the way you deal with this. Especially if you have your first child, it can be so that you feel very insecure and that this starts to affect your life. Also, your life has changed a lot and you might notice that this change is not always easy for you. You can experience stress, or even start crying randomly. developed an online self-help program which helps parents in dealing with these feelings and helping them to handle their stress. The program also contains a module regarding communication techniques, so that you can tell people who meddle that you know what to do yourself and that you do not need their advice, in a friendly but clear manner.

Meddling in parenting? Do the stress test!

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