Burnout is a disorder which comes from pressure/stress at work. It is a disorder which is very visible in our moderns society. 1 in every 20 employees namely is at home with a burnout. This is a large number. We know that the influence on the employee is enormous. It will namely cause them to be unable to work for weeks or months on end. Not only that, of course the psychological and physical problems caused by burnout are also awful. While burnout has such a presence in this society, people with burnout are still often misunderstood. They are expected to keep working, they are threatened with losing their job,... This is, of course, not good for people with burnout. That is why we wonder what the exact influence of burnout on society is.

Is burnout bad for the employee?

Yes, as mentioned earlier, burnout has major consequences on the employees. His/her physical and psychological state suffers from the burnout. It takes weeks or months until someone is ready to start working again. This can also have large financial consequences for the family/the person. That is why burnout prevention is important.

Is burnout bad for the employer?

Yes, it namely costs the employer a lot of money. Someone is paid for their work, but nothing is done. It also costs the government a lot of money after a month. Yearly, a lot of money is spent on treating and taking care of burnout. Because of this, it can be so that your boss or colleagues push you to start working again, or that conflicts arise at work. This is, in the long-term, not good for either party, because when someone starts work earlier than they actually should, they will fall ill all the time. They have namely not processed their burnout quite yet.

15 Minutes 4 Me

15 Minutes 4 Me is a solution focused online self-help program, which is specialized in the treatment of burnout, depression, stress, ad anxiety. It is useful for people with burnout, because you can treat yourself from home. No unnecessary energy and movement needed! You work on yourself for 15 Minutes every day at the hand of this program. You get help with this through videos and solution focused questions.

Do I have a burnout?

To check to what extent you have a burnout, you can take our free burnout test. This test consists of about twenty questions, which tell you more about the severity of your burnout. You will get your scores as soon as you have finished filling out the list of questions.