Monthly, many people look on Google for causes of anxiety or symptoms of anxiety. To give you a better picture of what it is that can cause anxiety, we use this article to look at the subject: anxiety? Learned or caused by trauma. This article thus describes several causes of anxiety. Anxiety does not always develop in the same way and because of the same causes. Some people have no idea why they are suddenly anxious or many people think that only a trauma can cause you to become anxious. This is not true.

Anxiety? Learned anxiety?

Anxiety can indeed be learned. Think for yourself about a situation in which you might have learned anxiety. I find this difficult, personally. I also immediately ask myself who could have taught me. Anxiety is often taught by people who have some sort of 'mentor role' for the person who learns the anxiety. What does this mean? This means that people often learn anxiety from someone who they look up to,  from whom they want to learn something and have respect for. To return to the example in which anxiety can be learned: think about why some people have anxiety caused by spiders? Is this because a spider has attacked them and they were affected a lot? In Belgium most spiders, with a few exceptions, are completely harmless and unable to do anything. Most people become scared of spiders because they see how people around them react to spiders. They scream, stand on chairs, the try to attack them and they make a lot of noise. This way, children learn that spiders are something that they should be afraid of and which they do not want to be close to.

Anxiety? Caused by trauma?

The most common cause of anxiety is trauma. You have experienced something painful, emotionally negative and exhausting, and this leaves some traces. A trauma could be a poor youth or being raped.

Anxiety? How do I treat my anxiety?

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