Have you been sleeping poorly lately? Can you just not fall asleep or do you wake up a lot during the night? Everyone has their own sleeping pattern. For example, it can be so that someone you know has to get up 3 or 4 times during the night to use the bathroom. This pattern is different for everyone. If you suddenly notice that your sleeping pattern is affected by short nights, it can be so that something more is going on. Read about the causes of poor sleep here, and take the test to find your cause.

Poor sleep? The causes

Our body requires different stages of sleep in order to be ready for a new day in the morning. For example, there is 'deep sleep'. This stage makes it so that we physically recover. This means that, if you have done something physically intense the day before, the deep sleep makes it so that your body recovers and you feel great again. The 'REM sleep' on the other hand makes it so that we recover psychologically. This means that, if we have experienced certain things during the day, the REM sleep processes this, so that we are mentally fresh again, too. If you have issues with falling asleep or waking up a lot during the night, it can be so that you get way less deep sleep or REM sleep than you used to or than you need. In short, your body and mind are not rested and you feel tired, and start your new day without any energy. Stress can make it so that we sleep poorly. We start to worry and our mind is in an active state, which can make it so that you wake up more often.

Poor sleep? The solution!

15 Minutes 4 me developed an online self-help program which helps you in dealing with stress. This way, you reduce your daily stress, meaning that your sleeping pattern can also recover again. After a while you will notice that you once again start your day full of energy, because you have slept well.

Poor sleep? Take the stress test!

Would you like to know to what extent your stress might influence your sleeping habits? Then take the free stress test here!