Burnout studied by IDEWE according to Hilde De Man

Hilde De Man from the psychological service of prevention advisor IDEWE states that, according to their research, 22% of Flemish employees scores too high when it comes to burnout symptoms. Symptoms of burnout which they have measured include emotional exhaustion and distancing, among others.

Hilde De Man from the psychological service of IDEWE

You can hear Hilde de Man speak in the second half of the interview from the VTM news program:

Online self-help program helps treat burnout

Employees with burnout can, in discussion with their general practitioner or workplace doctor, follow the online self-help program '15Minutes4Me'. This program guides them daily in taking fifteen minutes to, step by step, get out of the fatigue and exhaustion and re-build energy levels. Each week, the participants takes a self-test during the program which they can discuss with their guiding doctor. Information regarding this can be found on this website. Make sure to start with the free self-test below.

Free self-test burnout

Take this free self-test to look whether you are at risk for burnout or stress.

Paul Koeck, MD